Rodent Prevention for Your Pantry

mouse in a pantry

“Help! There are rats in my pantry!”

We’ve heard it many times from customers across our service areas in Florida. No one ever wants to find rats in their pantries or anywhere else in their homes, but it happens to even the cleanest houses out there. McCall Service wants to help keep rodents out of your home with a few helpful prevention tips for any time of year.

Rats in My Pantry! 3 Ways to Keep Them Out

Store your food the right way.

It’s easy to think of your pantry as a safe place for your food, but rats have other ideas in mind. They chew through boxed and bagged foods and contaminate the contents with dander, fleas, and feces. It’s best to put cereal, flour, and other foods in plastic containers with lids. If they’ll fit in the fridge, even better. If your pantry only contains canned and sealed goods, you won’t have to worry about a rat infestation any time soon.

Seal any and all entry points.

No matter how big a rat is, it can squeeze its body through the smallest cracks and crevices thanks to a flexible skeleton. It can squeeze through gaps around windows and doors and even through small vents and pipes. Perform an inspection around your home and use a sealant to plug any gaps you may find. If you’re not sure where to look, our pest control professionals will be happy to help.

Keep the kitchen area clean.

A clean kitchen is (usually) a rodent-free kitchen. Even clean homes attract mice, rats, and other rodents in search of a safe place for breeding and staying out of the elements. If you always clean your dirty dishes, put away leftovers and wipe down the surfaces, you’ll prevent rats from sniffing out foods and keep them from invading your home.

Professional Rodent Control for Your Home

It’s hard to fight a rat infestation on your own. These pests spread diseases and multiply by the dozens in a short time. If you’ve seen rats anywhere in your home, don’t wait around: contact your local McCall Service professional for an inspection. Our trained rodent control pros understand how these pests behave and can create a customized solution to eliminate an infestation. After all, do-it-yourself pest control methods aren’t always reliable. We’ll take care of the situation and keep rats and other pests from invading your home in the future.

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