Common Problems Caused by Silverfish

Common Problems Caused by Silverfish

Seeing a silverfish for the first time can be a bit disturbing. These tiny silver insects are quite strange and look like they would be more at home walking across the surface of some distant planet. While you might be able to stomach their weird and gross nature, you may be wondering if silverfish are a problem in your home.

McCall Service is here to answer that question, and that answer is yes. Here are three at-risk items in your home that silverfish can damage or contaminate.

Paper and Books

Silverfish love climbing into boxes and drawers and feasting on paper materials. They get nutrition from starches and cellulose in paper, boxes, and pictures. When you have silverfish in your home, important documents and treasured memories are at risk. In addition, silverfish can consume the glue and bindings of books, leaving some of your library literally falling apart at the seams.


As with paper, silverfish are fond of consuming starchy foods, but other foods can be at risk due to their packaging. Not only can silverfish contaminate food with germs brought in from the outside, but destruction of food containers can expose food to air, making it stale or inedible.


Silverfish can and will eat fabric, especially fabrics made out of natural fibers. As a result, your bed and your closet could be at risk. Not only will silverfish nibble on your sheets and blankets, but they can also eat clothing as well. Silverfish prefer clothing made of cotton or other natural materials, but they will also eat synthetic clothing if enough sweat or dead skin cells are on it.

Call McCall if Silverfish are a Bother

You might brush off silverfish as a minor nuisance – but why put up with them if you don’t have to? Why allow your clothing, tapestries, bedding, draperies, wallpaper, food products, photos, books, and other belongings to get ruined?

For effective and complete control of silverfish and other household bugs, contact McCall Service to schedule a visit. Our team of professional pest control technicians is one of the best in the industry. Silverfish are tricky to reach and exterminate, but our technicians are equipped to do the job.


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