Survival Of The Fittest: Argentine Ants’ Dominance Across Florida

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Ants are no strangers to Jacksonville, FL or any other city in the South. When it comes to invasive species, the Argentine ant takes the cake. Originating from Argentina, it interrupts the natural way of things, causing problems not only for people but also for native ant species. McCall Service has a few reasons why you should take immediate action if you notice an Argentine ant infestation on your property.

Why are Argentine Ants a Problem?

They nest almost anywhere.

The Argentine ant grows about one-quarter inch in length and can squeeze into the smallest cracks and crevices around your home. It builds nests inside cracks in the walls, holes in wood siding, and gaps between deck railings. It’ll also come indoors and nest behind the baseboards and in the gaps around plumbing.

They reproduce uncontrollably.

An Argentine ant colony grows to massive numbers in a short time. In fact, there are about eight queens in one colony that produce thousands of young in their lifetime. Sometimes the colony breaks apart, and one queen and a few workers will start a new colony in the same area. These colonies don’t compete; instead, they work together and create one super-colony. If an Argentine ant colony isn’t located and eliminated in time, it could spread to other parts of your home and yard.

They kill native ant species.

An Argentine ant colony causes trouble for other ant species in Jacksonville, FL. It’s an aggressive species and will attack any other ant that crosses its path. In fact, if an Argentine colony meets up with a native species, it will fight to the death and rip apart the native ants. If it’s allowed to spread, it will eliminate any and all native species in its way.

Professional Ant Control in Jacksonville

When you spot an Argentine infestation on your property, contact McCall Service for a thorough inspection. Our experienced ant control professionals know what signs to look for and which treatments are needed to eliminate the problem. We’ll also set up a recurring plan to help keep these pests off your lawn and out of your home for good.

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