Reasons Rodents Are Always Chewing (Hint: It’s All In The Teeth)

mouse with a chewed-through electrical cord

Rodents are master chewers, tearing apart building materials, insulation, and wiring. But why do they chew so much? It’s common to see rats year-round in Tampa, FL thanks to the warm summer temperatures and mild winters. It’s important to understand why they like to gnaw so that you can treat them in the most effective way.

Why Do Rodents Chew on Everything?

A rat’s front incisors continue to grow throughout its life. If this pest doesn’t chew on wood and other hard surfaces, its teeth could grow to a length that causes health problems; they may even grow into its lower jaw and cause death. When these pests invade your home, the constant chewing on walls, furniture, wires, and other objects could cost you a lot of money in repairs. If you want to prevent a rodent infestation, it pays to follow these three rules:

Seal Up

Mice and other critters get inside homes through cracks and crevices around the exterior. They can squeeze through tiny albas around vents and plumbing and also sneak under doors. Sealing cracks with foam or silicone sealant will block their entrances. Installing a foam draft guard on the entry doors will also help to keep them out.

Clean Up

If you leave dishes in the sink or leftovers on the counters, you’re luring mice and rats to your home. It’s important to clean up after every meal and to wipe down the counters and other surfaces after preparing and serving food. (And don’t forget to get the crumbs beneath appliances and on the floor, too!)

Check Up

A routine checkup will help to catch a rodent infestation before it gets out of control. Although you can always conduct an inspection yourself, a pest control professional will know exactly where to look and what signs to look for when inspecting for rodents in your home.

Professional Rodent Control in Tampa

Mice and rats create numerous problems for homeowners. They not only cause massive property damage but also spread diseases and trigger allergic reactions in some people. Contact McCall Service to schedule an appointment with our trained professionals. We specialize in rodent control and provide effective elimination services from Jacksonville to Tampa, FL, removing these pests from homes across the state.


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