How To Inspect A Hotel Room For The Presence Of Bed Bugs

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Whether you’re staying in a hotel room for work or on your vacation, it’s important to check it for bed bugs. Luxury hotels around the world, including smaller hotels here in Tallahassee, FL, are prone to infestations. If you want to prevent bringing these pests home with you, McCall Service has a few tips to keep in mind during your travels.

3 Ways to Spot Bed Bugs in Hotels

Wait to bring your things into the room.

Keep your belongings in your vehicle until you’ve checked in at the front desk. Once you’ve checked in, use a luggage cart for keeping your bags, clothing, and other travel items off the floor. When you reach your room, leave the cart in the hall while you inspect the interior. If there’s no luggage cart, place your belongings in the bathtub or on another clean surface until you’ve had time to check your room.

Thoroughly inspect the bedding.

It’s best to bring a flashlight into the room so that you can look for these pests in dark areas behind and under the bed. Lift the blankets and sheets at the corners, and check for the bugs in the creases and crevices of the mattress. They’ll have flat, brown bodies and may leave behind brown spots where they’ve been hiding.

Don’t forget to check common hiding spots.

Despite their name, bed bugs don’t just hide in bedding; they also hide in other parts of a hotel room. Check along the floor where the carpet meets the wall. Inspect the edges of picture frames on the wall and along door frames. These pests also like to hide in furniture, so check any sofas, couches, or chairs in the room before sitting down.

Professional Bed Bug Control in Tallahassee

If you’ve stayed at a hotel in Tallahassee, FL and brought these blood-sucking bugs home, you need to act quickly. Otherwise, a few bed bugs could turn into a massive infestation and cause numerous problems for your family. Contact McCall Service to schedule an appointment with our bed bug control professionals. We’ll inspect every part of your home and eliminate the pests using effective treatments.

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