Preventing Pests That Peck At Your Home Or Business

birds on a red roof

Newberry, FL is home to many native bird species that range in color, size, and song. Some of them fill water baths and provide peaceful melodies, whereas others only serve as nuisances –building nests in chimneys and flocking to yards in search of food and water. At McCall Service, we’ve come up with a list of a few of these pests to watch out for around your home or business throughout the year.

3 Common Pest Birds to Avoid


Pigeons can show up out of nowhere and use your home as a place for nesting and breeding. They scrounge around trash cans and eat whatever they find consumable. Their droppings are a health hazard and contain numerous diseases, including salmonella and histoplasmosis. If that isn’t bad enough, their droppings can also collect on your car and roof, marring the surfaces and causing an unsightly mess.

House Sparrows

House sparrows and similar birds, such as starlings, are a major problem in urban areas. They clog chimneys and gutters with their nests, causing water damage inside and outside the home. They may also nest in various machinery, which is a significant fire hazard in industrial areas. House sparrow droppings are also acidic and may corrode roofing materials and other surfaces.

Canadian Geese

Canadian geese are fine to admire at a local park or a neighborhood pond, but they’re not welcome in residential yards or commercial properties. They tend to flock by the dozens and hang out for a while, leaving behind numerous droppings and polluting the area. The geese are also territorial and will defend their area very aggressively. If you have a small pond on your property, their abundant droppings may contaminate the water and cause harm to fish and native bird species.

Professional Bird Pest Control in Newberry

Living in Newberry, FL has wonderful perks such as great weather and plenty of activities. If you like spending the days in your backyard, nuisance bird species can ruin your good time. Contact McCall Service to receive a quote on our pest control services. Our technicians will visit your home, identify the species, and come up with a solution to keep the birds from turning your home into their personal nest.


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