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How To Protect Your Home From Common Florida Pests

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Florida is a wonderful place to live all year round. Bugs think so too. Unlike in the rest of the country, bugs in Florida stay active pretty much all the time. You won't find Florida pests hibernating or entering diapause. These bugs never take a break, and neither should you. Here are some tips for keeping the termites, cockroaches, ants, and other common Florida pests, out of your home.

  1. Seal your foundation wall. This is a popular entry point for all kinds of bugs, but especially ants. Ants encroach upon your house, and eventually enter through cracks in your basement walls, to set up colonies in your wall voids. Use liquid cement or caulk to seal up gaps and cracks, so insects can't get in. And if you want added protection, get a professional to spray your perimeter.

  2. Seal your exterior walls. Use a caulking gun to fill in rotted holes, gaps around fixtures, and cracks around windows. It doesn't take much for an insect to get in. Many homeowners get an exterior wall treatment done. This keeps bugs from crawling on exterior walls, and from gaining access to the roofline, and third story window frames.

  3. Be careful what you bring in the house. If you've gone through all the trouble of sealing up your exterior walls and foundation, the last thing you want to do is bring insects in. Check any boxes you bring into the house, to make sure roaches and spiders aren't hitching a ride in. Make sure to clean your shoes, if you have stepped on a roach recently. Roach eggs can survive even if the mother is dead. Inspect food containers at the store, to make sure no pantry pests hitch a ride in, either. And, if you go on vacation, check your luggage for bed bugs and wash and dry your clothing on the hottest temperatures, when you get back.

  4. Keep protected. Keep your screens up to snuff, year round. Install door sweeps, so bugs can't get under your doors. Check to make sure your weather stripping is making a good seal on any sliding screen doors. And cover vents with window grade screening.

  5. Don't leave snacks out. Insects are looking for food. If they are passing by your house, and catch a sniff of something, it will lure them inside. If they randomly choose your house as their next house to explore, a food source will get them to stay. And, if they are a colony minded insect, the forward scouts will tell the rest of the colony. That is why it is good to keep fruit in the fridge, until you're ready to eat it. Put pet food down only during mealtime. Vacuum crumbs out of your carpets regularly. Clean up any spills, especially juice. Don't stack dishes near the sink; put them in soapy water. And keep your trash in a sealed container. Don't give insects a reason to come into your house, or they'll do everything they can to get past even the best defenses.

  6. Year round pest control services are the single, most efficient way, to keep bugs out. Some insects, like termites, silently invade your home, and do damage long before you realize they are even there. Year round pest service can safeguard your home "before" pests can infiltrate your defenses.

Florida is a wonderful place to live. Don't let the bugs ruin paradise. Learn the exclusion methods and treat ments that will keep pests out of your house, year round.

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