McCall Recognizes Teammates Across North Florida for Exceptional Attributes

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To be able to work alongside so many exceptional teammates is one of the best parts of working with McCall for many. We spend many hours working with our coworkers, and enjoying who you spend your time with can make all the difference! Beginning in 2023, McCall wanted to recognize the teammates who were making a difference for not only their customers but also their teams and communities – to recognize the teammates who exemplified our 22 Service Standards.  

In January, three teammates received recognition for 3 of our Core Values based on the nomination of their fellow teammates. Those chosen were:  

#2: Aspire to be Exceptional, Anthony Latorella | Ocala, FL  

Anthony was recognized and awarded for Core Value: Aspire to be Exceptional. His team shared that he shows what it means to be exceptional every day through his work, his professional image, his neat truck, and his clean uniform. He continuously delivers exceptional service to all his customers, and his leaders only hear positives about him consistently!  

#3: Customers First, Team Always, Richard McNeil | Jacksonville, FL  

Richard is a prime example of all 22 McCall Service Standards. However, he is exceptional at celebrating the wins and supporting those around him! He was the first to call any teammate who hit their goals and always picks up the phone to help a fellow team member. He’s a patient, calm, and helpful teacher, bringing a wealth of knowledge and willingness to help everyone.  

#4: Do What is Right, Eddie Gardner | Government Contracts 

Eddie has years of pest experience that lends to an overall expertise and desire to get the job done the right way every time. His team appreciates that he will always vocalize when something could be done better, which continues to improve not only Eddie but also all those around him! He is the type of teammate who brings out the best in everyone and always desires to do his best in everything he does.  

Throughout the remainder of 2023, teammates will continue to be nominated and recognized for each of our 5 Core Values: Own It; Aspire to be Exceptional; Customers First, Team Always; Do What is Right; and Future Focused. Teammates are honored within their team for each recognition!  

It’s an honor for all of McCall to have teammates who exemplify all these values and more, not just in their professional lives but also in their personal. Congratulations to these 3 teammates for this recognition. We look forward to next month’s honorees.  



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