McCall Announces June 2023 Core Value Award Winners

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We are touched by the impact our team is creating in Florida! To keep being future focused, the following teammates have been chosen by their peers based on how they live out our mission to protect people, brands, and communities. Our own McCall family chooses teammates who embody our 5 core values. Please take a moment to celebrate our June Award Winners with us.

#2: Aspire to be Exceptional! Charlie Fine | Jacksonville West

Charlie’s heart for excellence helps grow his community each day. The customers in our community routinely see McCall teammates who have been motivated by Charlie’s leadership. We are honored to rise to the standard that Charlie sets.

#3: Customer First, Team Always! Heather Ciccaglione | Inside Sales

Heather is a passionate cheerleader within McCall. She continues to promote a culture of praise to combat any negativity that our Florida storms may bring. Heather’s authentic persona energizes her teammates to create safer environments for all of our loved ones.

#4: Do What is Right! Jakahrian Tucker | Ocala

Jakahrian is a perfectionist when it comes to protecting his customers’ homes. His self-motivation combined with his love of service is creating an exceptional community in Ocala. Even when no one is watching, Jakahrian is focused on choosing the best approach in every moment.

Exceptionalism, encouragement, and integrity are three attributes that set McCall experiences apart. As we connect to friends and businesses throughout the rest of 2023, we will continue to celebrate those who exemplify our 5 core values best.

Congratulations to our teammates, Charlie, Heather, and Jakahrian, for leading exceptional careers in June!



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