How Many Spiders is Too Many Spiders?

spider crawling on the ground

For arachnophobes, the only good spider is a dead spider. We know they can be creepy, but hating spiders in general is unjustified—at least in theory. After all, arachnids provide natural pest control by eating insects in and around our homes. However, taking a positive view of the spider population can be easier said than done. Find out when professional spider control is in order and when you should let nature’s bug-eater do its job in your home.

Common Spiders in the Southeast United States

Spiders in this part of the country are a scary lot. From common house spiders to the jumping spider and even the potentially five-inch-long Huntsman spider, this state appears to have the market cornered on terrifying arachnids. So, are these eight-legged terrors as dangerous as they seem?

If you’re encountering a lot of spiders (or their webs) outdoors, you may see a reduction in other bugs, such as flies or mosquitoes. Many of these spiders won’t cause you any harm beyond the annoyance of walking through webs.

Seeing a lot of spiders inside your home, however, could point to signs of a pest problem. In these cases, you may want to call your pest professional to take a look at conditions in and around the house and see what’s inviting so many spiders into your parlor.

That said, most house spiders are harmless. Although some can experience reactions requiring medical care, most won’t suffer more than a sting from the jumping spider’s bite. In fact, most spiders are little more than a temporary annoyance during the warmer months.

The Huntsman spider warrants a warning of its own—not to mention a call for professional spider control.

Pest Control for Wood Spiders

The bite of the Huntsman spider, also known as the wood spider, usually isn’t deadly. However, these giant Florida spiders can inflict serious pain when chomping on human flesh. Their bite can be venomous, creating a need for professional pest control service. It can cause pain and swelling in the area around the bite. Nausea, vomiting, headaches, heart palpitations and irregular pulse can also result from a wood spider bite. Given that it’s difficult to truly determine the effects of bites from these spiders, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Preventive Spider Control from McCall Service

Whether they pose a threat or are simply too creepy to tolerate, preventive pest control measures can help keep spiders from invading your home. Clutter is the enemy. Spiders can often be found hiding in cardboard boxes, under piles of clothes, or in backyard wood piles. Eliminating these potential spider hangouts can help make your living space less attractive to arachnids. If you see spiders, though, it could indicate a larger pest issue. Have your home inspected if you suspect one or more pest infestations.

If you’ve spotted spiders in your home, take control of the situation. Call McCall Service for an inspection.

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