Birds in the ‘Burbs: Florida Suburban Pests

bird sitting on a birdbath

Birds in Florida come in all shapes, sizes, and colors. Some birds sing you wonderful songs in the morning while others make a mess on your car. When it comes to birds and suburbs, the two should never mix. They not only make a mess but can contaminate your shop, outdoor patio or indoor areas with feces. McCall Service has a few tips on how to keep these feathered pests out of your home or business.

Birds in Florida: Avoiding These Suburban Pests

Get rid of their food sources.

Birds don’t just show up uninvited. They usually flock to stores, warehouses, houses and other places where they’ve spotted food, water, or good places to take shelter. If you eliminate their food sources and nesting spots, they won’t have a reason to stick around.

Set up bird spikes.

Bird spikes sound more dangerous than they are. They’re also called roosting spikes, so you can guess what they’re used for. These long, spiky rods protrude upward and prevent birds from congregating along edges or on the roof.

Trick them with fake predators.

Want to scare the birds away from your home or business? Set up fake predators. Plastic owls, hawks and other predatory birds can intimidate suburban pests and keep them away from your establishment. Try a few plastic owls and rubber snakes to scare away pigeons and other city fowl.

Seal their entry points.

Not all birds stay outdoors. Some find ways to get inside shops, warehouses, and garages, where they fly around and chirp loudly. It’s a good idea to inspect your business or home for areas where birds can invade the interior. Seal the gaps and crevices with foam sealant, and make sure to repair any holes that birds could use to get inside.

Call in the pest control professionals.

When nothing else seems to work, call the bird control professionals. The professionals understand bird behavior and how to remove fowl without causing physical harm. They’ll also create a customized plan to keep the birds away for good.

Professional Pest Control for Birds

Birds in your backyard is bad, and birds in your business is worse. It’s best to keep them away if you want to make your customers happy and to keep your establishment clean—or your family happy and bird-free. Contact McCall Service to schedule an inspection and to see how we can prevent these suburban pests from ruining your day.

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