How Mosquito Remediation Works

How Mosquito Remediation Works

Mosquitoes are irritating pests that can easily turn a backyard into a miserable place to be, especially if you enjoy evening cookouts on the grill. But, with mosquito-borne illnesses becoming more of a threat, these little biters are quickly becoming public enemy number one. Fortunately, we are not without a solution. On the front lines of the war on mosquitoes is mosquito remediation. Learn about what it is and – most importantly – how it works to stop the spread of viruses.

What Is Mosquito Remediation?

Mosquito remediation is monthly treatments, usually from May through October, that reduces mosquito populations in target areas around homes, businesses, and municipalities. It requires three main steps.

Step 1

The first step is to remove breeding locations that allow mosquitoes to grow their populations. This involves reducing areas of still water. Although it is impractical to get rid of an entire swamp, it is possible to address small areas where water is collecting. Often, one of the first things a professional will look for are conditions around a structure that are promoting the collection of water. A broken or obstructed gutter system, for instance, will allow water to run down the wall of a structure and collect near the foundation.

Mosquitoes can also use tiny amounts of water in the gutter itself to lay their eggs – it doesn’t take much to allow mosquitoes to breed. For this reason, a pest professional will also look for objects in a yard that collect water, such as tarps, toys, construction materials, the tops of barbecue grills, kid pools, the seats on swing sets, and more. They will also catalog water sources that are not accidental, such as bird baths. If it is impractical to remove a still water source, we may apply a granular larvicide to kill eggs in these locations.

Step 2

The next step is to destroy any adult mosquitoes that are hiding on a property. Mosquitoes don’t like the sun. In the midday, they will hide in shrubs, bushes, and other foliage to prevent dehydration. When they do, it is possible to kill them on contact with EPA-approved products using a micro-sprayer. And, since it is scientifically proven that dead mosquitoes don’t breed and lay eggs, this is a great way to reduce mosquito populations.

Step 3

Lastly, the control of mosquitoes and their breeding sites also requires communication with property owners. At McCall Service, we work closely with our customers to provide complete solutions to pest problems. We don’t just spray and pray. We know that pest management is a process that requires a team effort and systematic adherence to best practices established by industry experts. From start to finish, we ensure that our customers know both what works best and why it works.

3 Reasons Mosquito Remediation Works

Mosquitoes Remain in a Concentrated Area

Mosquitoes don’t generally travel very far. It is estimated that a mosquito is not likely to travel more than 300 yards from where it hatched. That means many of the mosquitoes that bite us on our property were birthed on or very near it. Routine mosquito remediation creates a significant change for many customers, with many people reporting that they’re able to comfortably use their backyards again. Sure, it doesn’t work the same for everyone – if you live in the middle of a wetland, you’re going to have mosquitoes no matter what you do. But, for most people, it is amazing how much of a difference mosquito remediation can make.

It Helps Prevent the Spread of Disease

Mosquitoes require a vector to spread harmful viruses like Zika and West Nile. Every home, business, or municipality that has ongoing mosquito remediation takes part in breaking these vectors so an outbreak can’t catch like a wildfire. When a mosquito extracts the virus from an infected person and flies into the yard of someone who has ongoing mosquito remediation, the destruction of that insect could be what stops its spread.

New Mosquitoes Will Stay Away

The sprays and granular agents that are used to destroy mosquitoes and prevent breeding have a residual effect. When new mosquitoes come to use your bushes, they aren’t going to like what they find. And when they come to breed in your pond, they won’t live long enough to wish they hadn’t.

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