5 Things That Attract Cockroaches

A group of red and brown cockroaches scuttles along a tile floor eating cookie crumbs that have fallen to them.

If you’ve ever had cockroaches in your home, you know the struggles that come with trying to get rid of these crawling pests. If you’ve tried everything to eliminate them and they still keep finding their way back, you may have things inside and outside your home that are unknowingly drawing cockroaches to you. McCall Service has put together this list of five things to investigate if your home has become a haven for cockroaches. 

Does Killing a Cockroach Attract More?

Yes, killing a cockroach can attract more to the area! There is an acid released by cockroaches when they die that can be smelled from a distance and attracts more of them to the area. This oleic acid triggers a response in cockroaches and other insects to consume their fallen comrade if there isn’t any food available, meaning you may find more bugs than you bargained for soon after squishing the first cockroach you find scuttling across your floor. 

Are Cockroaches Attracted to Light?

No, cockroaches dislike any form of light, whether natural or artificial, which may be why you see them scuttling frantically toward a hiding spot when you flip on the bathroom or basement lights. Cockroaches are nocturnal, so it is unusual to see them during the daytime. If you do, it means they were likely forced from their homes or hiding spots due to overcrowding. If your home has a lot of dark, frequently undisturbed places in it, these are typically popular hiding spots for cockroaches to thrive.

Are Cockroaches Attracted to Water?

Yes, all cockroaches need water, but some like it more than others. You may find these “water roaches” near leaky pipes, open liquid containers, water spills, places where water drips, and other liquid sources in your home. However, all insects tend to gravitate toward sources of water when making themselves a home, so finding cockroaches in basements, bathrooms, and other dank places around the home is not uncommon.

However, if you tend to find cockroaches around your kitchen sink, it may be from dirty dishes or other food-related clutter left in and around it. The smell of food, as well as the ample places to hide near a water source, may be what is drawing the cockroaches to your kitchen.

Are Cockroaches Attracted to Food?

Food is the number one thing that attracts cockroaches. Since this pest has an acute sense of smell, any open food storage will draw them into your home. Like any other living being, cockroaches are trying to survive. If they get a whiff of food, they will invade your home to gobble it up. Make sure to keep your countertops, beds, and tables free of crumbs and store any open food in airtight containers to deter cockroaches from entering your home

What Kind of Environment Attracts Cockroaches?

If your home is cluttered with toys, clothes, boxes, and other personal belongings, it provides cockroaches with the perfect opportunity to find their way inside and thrive. These pests love nothing more than to find a dark environment to hide out, and if your home has many items strewn about, cockroaches will have their pick of comfortable places to kick back and relax. Dirty dishes, garbage, food crumbs, or other mealtime-related messes being left out will only give your home bonus points as a favorite destination for the cockroach community. Keeping your home clean is a must when fighting a cockroach infestation.

Ways To Repel Cockroaches From Your Home

There are home remedies you can use to discourage cockroaches from coming into your home. Due to their strong sense of smell, cockroaches dislike several pungent herbs and spices, including cinnamon, citrus, thyme basil, citronella, basil, mint, garlic, coffee grounds, peppermint, and bay leaves. While leaving out batches of these herbs and spices can be effective, you can also use an essential oil diffuser with one of these scents to keep them away.

There are many misconceptions about using harsh household chemicals to eliminate cockroaches. While spraying down a cockroach with a bottle of bleach may seem like an effective way to eliminate it, the cockroach’s exoskeleton is sturdy enough that the liquid does not stick to it. While the smell alone may deter this pest thanks to their advanced sense of smell, spraying it down is not enough to kill it, and can be dangerous to the humans and pets living in your home. There are easier ways to kill them, like hiring an expert from McCall.

Eliminate Cockroaches for Good With McCall Service

What attracts cockroaches into your home may vary based on the cockroaches you are dealing with and the conditions of your home. It is best to properly dispose of food, keep your house clean, store leftovers and liquids in airtight containers, and fix any leaking water sources. If that doesn’t work, expert exterminators like the ones at McCall can help you eradicate all the pests from your home. Give our experienced team a call to get rid of your cockroach problem for good.

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