3 Reasons Florida Crawlspace Encapsulation Helps Save Money

crawlspace encapsulation

A moisture barrier, or crawlspace encapsulation, is a plastic liner that covers the dirt in your crawlspace. This barrier helps to block moisture in the soil from entering your crawlspace. Excess moisture can cause a host of problems leading to costly repairs, bills, and more! Check out how crawlspace encapsulation can benefit your overall savings!

Energy Savings

Moisture in your crawlspace can affect the overall temperature of your home and, in return, your HVAC unit or furnace runs longer to help maintain the temperature inside. This causes your home to use even more electricity and causes an increase in your electricity bill. It also puts a strain on your HVAC unit, causing wear and tear faster and need of repair or even a replacement. When a moisture barrier is installed, it acts as a sealant, controlling the moisture levels and easing the strain of your HVAC unit. This allows your home to be more energy efficient and saves you money on your energy bills and repairs!

Pest Control Savings

An unsealed crawlspace creates a perfect environment for pests and wildlife to search for shelter, food, and water! Once these pests and critters are inside, they can cause serious damage to your home and health, including roaches who spread contamination and rodents who gnaw on electrical wires. Once your crawlspace is encapsulated, it eliminates entry points for pests to enter through! In return, this can help with avoiding pest damage repairs!

Structural Integrity Repair Savings

Did you know moisture in your crawlspace can lead to wood rot, especially on joists and beams? This can cause significant structural damage to your home, which can lead to a huge repair bill! Moisture barrier installation reduces the amount of moisture into your crawlspace which helps prevent wood rot, and protects the structural integrity of your home.

If you’re interested in moisture barriers or crawlspace enclosures, contact a reputable company for more information.

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