Why Pest Control Should Be Your New Year’s Resolution

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If you’ve spotted spiders, ants, roaches, or other pests around your home, your first instinct may be to grab the nearest can of bug spray or set some sort of trap. Before you try the DIY route, consider calling in a professional pest control company instead. Home and business owners in Florida are exposed to a wide range of pests, and McCall Service explains why pro treatments are the best way to banish these invaders in the New Year.

1. You could be wasting your money.

Many products designed for home pest control just aren’t equipped for the job. Professional technicians understand how rodents, bugs, and spiders behave, as well as their feeding habits and nesting instincts. And if you don’t take care of termite, carpenter ant, mouse, and rat infestations quickly and efficiently, the damage to your home can be incredibly expensive.

2. Your family’s health and safety is at stake.

Cockroaches trigger asthmatic attacks and spread salmonella and e coli, rendering the food in our kitchens inedible or making us sick. Bed bugs, stinging insects, and some spider species cause allergic reactions to their bites or stings. Certain types of mice transmit dangerous viruses, while rats spread rat-bite fever and infectious diseases. Both rodent types chew on wires, putting your household at risk of electrical fire.

3. Pest pros do it right the first time.

A well-trained technician creates a plan of action customized for your property. Your home’s square footage is taken into consideration, as are the length of time and severity of the infestation. In addition to safely applying each eco-friendly pest treatment, your technician will arm you with the knowledge you need to prevent future invasions. Unlike the cable guy, your local pest expert works with your schedule. After your initial treatment, you can set up either quarterly visits or a bundled program with McCall Service.

Whether you opt for quarterly treatments or a value bundle, you’ll be on your way to a pest-free environment this year. Enjoy the safety, effectiveness and convenience of an earth-friendly pest control treatment plan from McCall. Our team has served customers in Florida since 1928, and we hope to be part of your plan for a healthy, happy New Year.

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