Why Ant Control Can’t Wait: The Problems With Common Florida Ants

ants inside a home

When you live in Florida, you come to expect a few things. First, it’s going to rain all of the time. Second, the heat and the humidity will keep you indoors. Lastly, you can’t go anywhere without seeing ants. In fact, these tiny insects thrive in the subtropical climate and become a nuisance to people indoors and outdoors. Without professional ant control, it’s easy to get overrun by ant infestations in your home or business.

Reasons Why You Need Ant Control

Some ants cause property damage.

The carpenter ant burrows into wood fascia, decking, flooring, and other wooden surfaces. It doesn’t eat the wood like a termite does, but the visual damage is enough to bring down a home’s resale value. The pavement ant is also a threat to homes and properties, as a colony will invade cracks and crevices and infest buildings by the thousands.

Ant infestations threaten your family.

Fire ant mounds not only make your lawn unappealing; they also threaten you and your family. Hundreds and thousands of these insects swarm at the first sign of an intruder. Their bites are very painful and can cause anaphylactic shock in some people. The pharaoh ant is also a problem in Florida, as it’s known to transmit staph infections in hospitals and other public areas.

Ant colonies don’t go away on their own.

Ant colonies contain hundreds of members working and living together. Some colonies stay outdoors; others make their way indoors to provide better shelter for their members. If there’s abundant food and water, the colonies will stay put and expand to greater numbers. Established colonies on lawns and in walls will only go away if they lack a food source or they’re forced out by pest control methods.

Battling Ants in the Sunshine State

Ant infestations make it difficult to enjoy time in your backyard. Whether it’s a picnic or a game of catch, these insects will invade the area for food or threaten you with vicious stings if you step on their mounds.  The longer it’s left untreated, the larger an ant colony will grow. Scheduling an inspection is the first step to getting rid of an infestation once and for all. Contact McCall Service to get more information about our ant control services.


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