Colonies On The Rise: Termites’ Swarming Habits

swarm of termites

Termites are living and breathing natural disasters. They group together in large colonies and devour wooden structures across the world. In fact, a small colony will consume six or more pounds of wood in a single year, costing residents and business owners thousands of dollars in repair costs. As spring arrives in Florida, it’s time to get serious about termite control before the swarms take flight.

What Is a Termite Swarm?

A group of flying termites is known as a swarm. The termite swarming season begins in the spring and lasts for a short period, giving the insects time to mate. After a winged termite mates, it flies off to a new location and sheds its wings. It will then start a new colony as the king or the queen.

How to Identify Flying Termites

Misidentification is a common problem when residents attempt to treat a termite infestation. A flying ant is often mistaken for a winged termite, and the wrong pesticide is used to treat the problem. Ants have a lot in common with their wood-destroying cousins, from their social behavior to their anatomy. Some residents overlook a termite infestation because the insects look similar to ants. But it’s easy to identify a winged termite when you know what to look for:

  • A straight antennae
  • Symmetrical wings of identical length
  • A straight, broad waist
  • A straight antennae
  • Symmetrical wings of identical length
  • A straight, broad waist

Do Termite Swarms Cause Damage?

A swarm doesn’t cause much damage until it has finished mating. Once these winged insects shed their wings, they start a new colony around a wood source. The colony will increase in number after a few weeks and cause enormous damage as it expands into a wooden structure. If you see discarded wings around your doors or windowsills, it’s a good idea to contact a professional for an immediate inspection.

The Importance of Termite Control

Termite may be small, but they cause massive damage as a full colony. Springtime in Florida means that more of these colonies will be on the rise and threaten homes and businesses across the Sunshine State. Contact McCall Service for more information about our termite control services. Whether it’s a spring swarm or a raging infestation, it’s important to act quickly before these insects spread and wreak havoc on your property.



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