The 5 Scariest Pests in Florida

black widow spider

It’s not a movie. It’s real, and it’s coming for you! It’s a pest, and it’s invading your home and property. Dangerous pests lurk everywhere in Florida, and they’re out of control. If you want to make it through the Halloween season, it’s going to take the pest control professionals at McCall Service to save you from the monsters in your yard.

5 Creepy Pests in Florida


Brown recluses and black widows are just some of the most dangerous pests in our service area. Even nonvenomous spiders cause problems for homeowners. They spin webs in the corners of your room and breed out of control. If you ignore the problem, it will only get worse over the fall.


Think a small ant can’t make you run away? Try coming face to face with a fire ant. This species attacks in groups and can cause serious harm to children, pets, and even adults. Other ants also cause problems, such as the carpenter ant, which creates unsightly holes in wood siding, railings, and deck flooring.


Pythons have grown out of control in Florida and have invaded residential and commercial properties. These snakes wrap their long bodies around their prey and squeeze until they’re dead. There are also venomous snakes in the Sunshine State to watch out for, such as the copperhead and various rattlesnake species.


They’re green, and they’re invading properties, toilets, and gardens. Iguanas are becoming a nuisance in Florida and have taken over backyard pools, highways, and city streets. They’re not only ugly and in the way; they also spread salmonella everywhere they go.


Yikes! We can’t create a list about scary pests in Florida without mentioning alligators. They cause terror wherever they go, and they’ll go anywhere they like, from backyard swimming pools to sundecks and patios. If you ever see an alligator in your yard, don’t go near it. Get help right away.

Professional Pest Control for Your Home

Even if alligators or other large pests aren’t threatening your home, it’s still under attack from pests like spiders, ants, and other creeping, crawling insects. If they’re cornering you in your home, McCall Service wants to help. Contact us to learn more about our pest control services and how we can eliminate pests and prevent future infestations inside and outside of your home.

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