Safe Pest Prevention with Kids and Pets

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In certain ways, kids and pets are quite similar.

Both kids and pets—especially the youngest ones—require constant supervision. If you’re not watching, they might touch, find, or ingest something that they shouldn’t. This is especially true when it comes to pesticides: You really need to pay close attention to what you use in your home.

Perhaps the best way to avoid exposing your pets and kids to pesticides is to prevent pest intrusions in the first place. By following a few simple rules, you can keep the pest sprays in the cabinet and not on your countertops. After all, pet and child safety should be a priority when fighting insects and rodents at home. McCall Service has some tips at at the intersection of pest prevention and kid safety.

Basic Rules for Pest Prevention

Clean Up After Everyone Eats—Kids and Pets Included

Ants, rodents, and other pests aren’t just attracted to your food. They also enjoy eating your pet’s food. And if you’ve ever watched a toddler eat a bowl of spaghetti, you know how much of a mess dinner time can be. Your pets can make a similar mess as they eat out of their bowls. The food scatters and slides under tables, chairs, and appliances. If left alone, it can attract various pests like ants and roaches.

Once pests invade your home, they’ll find other spots in which to build shelter and to breed, creating a massive infestation over time. In addition to wiping down tables and countertops after cooking and eating, it’s best to put away your pets’ bowls if they’re not eating. Never leave their food sitting out overnight.

Seal and Block Pest Entry Points

Just as your kids are fantastic at getting into things they’re not supposed to, pests are good at finding small cracks and crevices around your home. They’ll squeeze through tiny gaps and invade your living space as they search for places to hide out of sight.

Inspecting your home for hidden entry points goes a long way in keeping out pest insects and rodents. Look around your doors, windows, and vents, and check for cracks and crevices along the foundation. If you spot any, use a sealant to block the entryways and to keep the pests outside where they belong.

Be Mindful About DIY Pest Control

It’s easy to look online these days and to find a way to kill pests in your home. However, you shouldn’t always believe what you read on various do-it-yourself blogs. Some of the so-called “pest control remedies” only cover up the problem. They don’t get rid of the pests for good. In some cases, these DIY treatments could be harsh chemicals that your children could touch or ingest, making them sick.

Instead of relying on pest control sprays from the hardware store or a concoction from the internet, it’s best to seek the advice from a professional who has experience dealing with pest prevention and elimination. You don’t want to use ineffective treatments or to spray chemicals that could pose a risk to your children and pets.

Professional Pest Control Keeps Your Kids and Pets Safe

Pet and child safety is an important factor to consider when spraying pesticides in your home. Never apply treatments on your own without reading the instructions or talking to a professional. At McCall Service, our experienced technicians take the necessary precautions and use the appropriate treatment methods to eliminate the pests while safeguarding your children and pets. To learn more about our pest prevention services and how we combat pests without negatively affecting your family’s health, contact us today.

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