The Destructive Formosan Termites that Call Jacksonville Home

Formosan termites feeding on a tree.

Do you remember when there were no Formosan termites in Jacksonville, FL? If you’re over 10 years old, you may. This destructive termite species is a new threat to the Jacksonville area. In fact, the first documented sighting of Formosan termites in Jacksonville was in 2005, and the team here at McCall Service was the first to document them.

Now, finding Formosan termites in Jacksonville homes is nothing new. These destructive termites have made themselves permanent residents in the River City. That’s why it’s important for all Jacksonville residents to understand just how much of a threat these termites are.

What is a Formosan Termite?

Formosan termites are subterranean termites. So, similarly to other subterranean termite species, they attack your property from the soil. With as many as 10 million members per colony—compared to one million average in other termite colonies—they’re particularly resilient, with a much higher possibility for devastation.

Unlike other termite species, Formosan termites can build nests inside the structure of a home. They accomplish this by coating the interior of their nests with feces, locking in moisture and stabilizing the temperature for a prolonged stay. Because Formosan termites have so many members in their colonies and a high capacity for structure habitation, these termites do more damage than any other termite species in the United States.

Are Formosan Termites a Threat?

Despite their knack for architecture, Formosan termites are simple organisms. They do not require unanimous sleep and do not hibernate. As a result, a colony may consume wood non-stop, all year long, obliterating a structure’s integrity.

Generally, Formosan termites are drawn to homes near a water source because they prefer moist soil. They also gravitate towards older residences, as the potential rotted wood is more appetizing and easier to work through. Additionally, the temperatures in Jacksonville are ideal for these termites to reproduce rapidly most months in the year.

How to Prevent Formosan Termites

Fortunately, you do have some power to reduce and prevent Formosan termite activity in your home. Termites are drawn to moisture, so through employing an air conditioner or dehumidifiers, you may discourage them from finding your home appealing.

You could also waylay any termite visitors by ensuring your gutters are clear and working properly so there’s no build-up of standing water, sealing any crevices in your home’s foundation or exterior walls, and replacing wood that has suffered water damage.

Of course, an annual termite inspection is the best preventative, and can substantially reduce the chance of any missed weaknesses in your home that might encourage a termite infestation.

How to Get Rid of Termites in Florida

Come to the defense of your Jacksonville property with a company that knows the pain Formosan termites can cause. For pest control in Jacksonville, FL, look  no further than McCall Service. Our termite services utilize the most advanced products and protocols in the industry.

Don’t take any chances with your home’s equity. Get proactive termite protection that is safe for the environment, your children, and your pets, so you can relax and enjoy your home. Give our team a call or request your free quote online!


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