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Posts with the tag: "spiders in FL"

09 / 27 / 18
Spider the size of a sink drain

An Indoor Habit: Putting The "House" In House Spiders

Even when they’re friendly, there’s no denying that house spiders are creepy and unsettling. See how to prevent these pests from making themselves at home.

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11 / 19 / 14
spider found in the home of a ocala resident

How To Ban Spiders From Your Ocala Home

The list of spiders that would like to invade your Ocala home is surprisingly long.

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10 / 28 / 14
spooky halloween spider

Spider Prevention Tips Just In Time For Halloween

Halloween is a time of pumpkins and spider webs. You would be hard pressed to find a haunted house without a cobweb somewhere. That is because spiders love those old rotting houses. So, why are they hanging out around your house? Your house isn't rotting? Here are some tips to keep those spiders away, and how to keep them from creeping and crawling into your home this Halloween. (cue evil laughter)

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10 / 07 / 14
spider in a web in gainesville florida

Seeing Spiders Inside? Here's Why...

Do you have spider problems? If there are hundreds of spiders living in your home, there is a good chance it is because they laid their egg next to, or inside, your exterior walls. Some spiders can have thousands of babies all at once. If those babies find food, they will survive. So, the way to not have spiders in your house comes in two steps.

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