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What Is Attracting Silverfish to My Tallahassee Home?

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The silverfish! That weird, slimy, slithery looking bug that seems to show up just when you least expect it to. Most of us at one time or another have picked up a box from off the basement floor or moved some stuff around in the attic only to uncover one or two of these creatures who are trying desperately to scramble undercover to hide once again. No one thinks too much of one or two bugs in some unseen part of the home or garage and might dismiss this sighting from their minds to continue with the task at hand.

Silverfish are a common pest, it’s true. Here in Tallahassee, these bugs love the year-round tropical weather and the cool, damp places that many of us have right underneath our feet or above our heads. Given the chance, these little critters will take over a damp basement or attic. They breed exceedingly quickly and the more moisture there is, the quicker they do so. Before long, every stored box in a damp dark area could be harboring silverfish, who are delighted to feed on the forgotten items stored there. Clothing, book binding glue, and cardboard: these bugs love their carbs which are found in all of those items. There is a good chance that if silverfish find their way into the basement, they can also find their way into the kitchen or bathroom, two other notoriously damp areas of the house that contain some carbohydrate laden foods that a silverfish thrives on. Sugars, shampoos, flour, and starches can quickly attract silverfish into the pantry or shower.

Silverfish are a pest that can be avoided if a homeowner is diligent. Avoiding humidity in the basement or attic, as well as under sinks in the kitchen or bathroom is the key to keeping silverfish out. Installing dehumidifiers and fixing any leaky pipes and clogged drains can go a long way to help. Keeping the stored items to a minimum and making sure to use sealed plastic bins instead of cardboard is also a must in silverfish prevention.

Once silverfish have been introduced into your home it is extremely difficult to remove them. Even if you only find one or two, there are likely hundreds more spread across the infested area. Home remedies only get rid of what you can see, and the others left behind just continue to breed. Before you know it, there are just as many as there were before you treated, if not more! That is when you need to call in a professional. McCall Service has a team of expert pest control technicians who are ready to help remove your silverfish infestation and to work with you to make sure they do not return.

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