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Mosquito Prevention Tips

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Mosquitoes are the pest that seem to just keep coming back no matter what you try to do. These tiny flying pests are about a 1/4 of an inch long and are found anywhere in the United States and all around the world. They have six legs, a narrow oval body and wings. There are 170 different kinds of mosquitoes in North America. Only the female mosquitoes bite humans, while the male mosquitoes feed on nectar. Females find you by detecting your body heat and the carbon dioxide you breathe out. These tiny bugs can become quite a bother during the summer months when the weather gets warmer. It is nearly impossible to eliminate mosquitoes on your property, but there are a few things you can do to reduce their population. Here are some easy to do common tips that will help you in this battle.

Mosquitoes bred in stagnant water during the warmer months. This can be any form of stagnant water. Here are a few common places that they find to lay eggs:

  • Kiddie pool

  • Bird bath

  • Old tire

  • Mud puddle

  • Pond

Any of these location can produce thousands of new mosquitoes every day. This makes eliminating stagnant water on your property the first step to reducing your mosquito population. If you have a bird bath or kiddie pool change out the water regularly. Clean up any tires, trash cans or recycling bins that may hold water.

To help keep mosquitoes out of your home it is a good idea to take a look around your home and check for any cracks or rips in window and door screens. Even the smallest hole can let mosquitoes into your home. They are a real pest to find inside your house buzzing around your head at night. Take time to seal up the exterior of your house and have more peace filled nights.

It is also recommended to use a bug spray that contains DEET. This is the best protection against mosquitoes while you are outside. It is not a 100% barrier but it will help you reduce the amount of bites and swarming bugs. If you have young children it is a good idea to ask a doctor which bug repellant is the safest for them.

Mosquitoes are a very common pest. We tend to write them off by thinking that we have to deal with them. Yes, to some extent that is true. You can not fully eliminate them but, there are things you can do to help minimize their presence. Having a professional pest control service, like us here at McCall Services, service your property with our mosquito control programs will reduce the amount of mosquitoes on your property significantly. We target potential breeding areas and will assist you in your efforts of keeping your family’s mosquito exposure to a minimum. You don’t have to just accept swarming, biting mosquitoes as part of your everyday outside life. Do something smart to keep them away, call McCall Service today!

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