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earwig on a plant in florida

Do Earwigs Bite, Fly Or Crawl Into Ears?

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Out of all the pests that visit your home in Tallahassee and Jacksonville, earwigs are probably the least to be worried about! But that doesn’t mean that having them in your home is a good thing! Although earwigs have a bad reputation, it is mostly due to their freaky name and their ugly looks. Earwigs are actually pretty harmless. Do earwigs bite? No. Do earwigs fly? Nope. Do earwigs crawl into our ears? Not so much. These urban myths have been going around for a long time, but earwigs are not a threat to your brain, despite what you may have heard. Don’t believe us? Check out this link to see what is true and what is not! 

Now, although we’ve told you earwigs can’t bite, they do possess little pincers that are capable of pinching you. These little pinches don’t hurt very much and getting ‘pinched’ by an earwig isn’t very likely, but it is still a possibility. And although some earwigs do possess wings, these wings aren’t very good for flying and thus earwigs rarely fly. Earwigs have no intentions of crawling into your ear to eat your brain or lay their eggs- they are more interested in hanging out in damp areas and dining on decaying plant material and dead insects. Here is what we know about earwigs:

Earwigs are nocturnal insects. Their bodies are long and smooth and they have a pair of pincers (also called cerci) on their abdomen. Earwigs are reddish brown in color and easily get confused with another insect we deal with here in Jacksonville. What bug looks like an earwig and is often confused for this insect? The answer is the silverfish! Although both bugs are nocturnal and like to stay hidden from humans, silverfish are more silvery-gray in color, they don’t possess the pincers that earwigs do and they enjoy eating paper items, sugars and starches. Both earwigs and silverfish like to hang out in moist environments, but earwigs are usually found outdoors in very wet areas while silverfish are commonly found in basements and attics.

So now you know a little more about earwigs, hopefully they seem a little less scary to you! Although, having them in your home is still not the ideal situation, because they can enter in large numbers, especially during the hottest and driest days of the summer when they are looking for moisture and an escape from the hot Florida sun. To avoid playing host to these insects, our Tallahassee pest control pros at McCall would like to offer a few earwig prevention tips:

  • Always check items that typically spend a lot of time outdoors before you bring them inside. Lawn chairs, kid’s outdoor toys and even the mail in your mailbox can harbor hiding earwigs. Once you bring them inside, they will likely head off to the nearest area of moisture and that can be just the beginning of your infestation.

  • Get rid of possible entry points for earwigs (and other pests too!) by fixing up holes in window and door screens. Also, be sure and check that door thresholds and window frames have weather-stripping to cover large gaps.

  • Caulk any cracks around doors and windows as well as around pipes. This can eliminate other possible entry points for earwigs.

  • Reduce dampness inside your home by running an air conditioner or dehumidifier, especially in the basement or where earwig problems seem to be the worst.

  • Enroll in a year round pest control program for your home to prevent pests like earwigs from causing problems in the first place!

Earwigs are not pests you should be afraid of! If you’ve got them in your Jacksonville home, simply call in the pros at McCall Services and we can take care of them for you! Additionally, make sure you talk to us about our residential pest control services to find out how to get rid of earwigs and other bothersome pests from your Northern, FL home and keep them from coming back in the future!

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