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Florida classrooms could be home to bed bugs

Back To School + Bed Bugs

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Sadly, summer is almost over. It is August and stores are starting to stock their shelves with school supplies. Parents are preparing their kids to go back to school. Whether it is kindergarten or college, it’s time to get ready for yet another school year. One thing you might not be thinking of, when sending your kids back to school, is bed bugs. These annoying little “hitchhiker” bugs can travel anywhere. 

If they make it into school, they will most likely be hanging out in areas that kids settle in for a while. For example: a nap area in the younger grades or dorm in college all make great areas for bed bugs to reside in. It is not common to find more than a few bed bugs in a school. These bugs are very good at hiding and multiplying into an infestation over a few months and to the untrained eye these bugs may not be spotted unless a visual of an adult bed bug has taken place. If you find that your school has a bed bug infestation, make sure to call a professional exterminator to get these bugs exterminated for good.

To help kids stay bed bug free, follow these helpful steps:

  • Reduce the items your child brings to and from school. This will give bed bugs less things to travel on.

  • Regularly inspect your child’s belonging for any sign of bed bugs. If you see any sign of bed bugs, treat the infected clothing appropriately.

  • Try using plastic totes or bags when possible. This will keep bed bugs from hitchhiking on the cloth.

  • Avoid any accumulation of clothes and shoes in the classroom. This would be a perfect place for a bed bug infestation to start.

  • Always be on the lookout for signs of bed bugs!

If you find that any bed bugs have made it home with your child, alert the school immediately. If you have a bed bug infestation in your home, it is recommended to keep your child home until you are certain your property is bed bug free. Any infestation should be treated by a professional exterminator to fully eliminate the problem. These bugs are very good at hiding out for months. If you do not get rid of all of them within the first treatment, you may find you have a larger infestation the next month. Call a professional exterminator to start a treatment plan today.

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