Mosquito Prevention Tips

Mosquito Prevention Tips

Protect Yourself and your Home from Mosquitoes

Here in Florida, we have a lot of dangerous creatures lurking in the wild. From sharks with razor-sharp teeth to snakes with needle-like fangs, some of the world’s most daunting animals live alongside us in subtropical sun of America’s southeast. But of all the dangerous critters that call Florida home, few have the far-flung mobility of mosquitoes.

Just how dangerous are mosquitoes in Northern Florida, you might ask? Although these flying insects are directly linked to millions of deaths worldwide every year, the United States is somewhat shielded – but that doesn’t mean we are completely in the safe zone. In Florida, we have battled many mosquito-borne viruses such as West Nile, dengue, chikungunya, yellow fever, and we are now facing the additional threat of the Zika virus.

At McCall Service, our goal is to ensure that all Florida residents are proactive and take preventative measures to protect themselves from flocks of flying mosquitoes, so we’ve detailed a few mosquito prevention tips – both for you and your home – that can help you avoid painful, disease-ridden bites all year long.

Personal Mosquito Prevention 

Personal mosquito prevention is imperative for your well-being when you’re away from home. From taking proactive measures to knowing environments that are conducive to mosquitoes, these tactics can aid in keeping mosquitos far from your skin:

  • Find Out When Mosquitoes Are Most Active – What time you choose to go outside can have an impact on how many bites you may get. Mosquitoes are most active in the morning and evening, so pay close attention to your surroundings when you’re outdoors during these time periods.
  • Know Common Mosquito Breeding Grounds – Where you choose to go can affect how much danger you’re in. Mosquitoes are more abundant near swamps, wetlands, forests, and other places where still water is available for breeding.
  • Understand Where Zika is Spreading Before Traveling – In the case of Zika, it’s wise to avoid traveling to countries or areas where the disease is spreading locally.
  • Utilize Mosquito Repellent – Here in Florida, we like to wear less clothing – meaning there is more skin for mosquitoes to bite. Mosquito repellent is the most effective deterrent available to reduce bites. Use a repellent with DEET (the shortened chemical name) for the best results. If you prefer to not use chemicals on your skin, lemon-eucalyptus oil is a good natural alternative.


When dealing with mosquitoes, it’s important to remember three mosquito mistakes to avoid that attract the attention of these blood-sucking bugs:

  1. Mosquitoes are drawn to higher body temperatures, increased perspiration, and an increase in CO2 emissions – all of which occur when you exercise or exert energy.
  2. A scientific study found a link between drinking a single beer and an increase in mosquito bites. Mosquitoes are attracted to increased alcohol content in body sweat and increased body temperatures.
  3. Wearing dark-colored clothing can make you an easier target – not to mention increase your core body temperature due to light being absorbed more easily. Mosquitos have poor eyesight and will utilize silhouettes and shapes to home in on a target.

Home Mosquito Prevention 

Home mosquito prevention in Northern Florida begins by establishing a thorough pest control plan to keep these insects away from your land. While no treatment plan can completely eradicate an entire mosquito population, these home tactics can help you keep mosquitos far away from you, your family, and your pets:

  • Eliminate Standing Water – It doesn’t take much water for mosquitoes to lay their eggs and reproduce. They can breed in objects that are left out in your yard, including clogged gutters, birdbaths, and other small water sources. There are also many plants that capture enough rainwater on their leaves to provide mosquitoes a breeding site.
  • Avoid Bug Zappers – Some people resort to getting a bug zapper to get rid of mosquitoes. While a zapper is good at luring mosquitoes into your yard, it will only be effective at killing the male (non-biting) mosquitoes.
  • Create a Breeze – Mosquitoes aren’t very good at flying. If there’s a breeze, it will usually keep them away. If you don’t have a natural breeze blowing in your backyard, consider creating an artificial breeze with a fan or two.
  • Consider Mosquito Netting – If you have a place you enjoy sitting and you want to keep mosquitoes out, netting is the most effective way. While netting may not be ideal for visibility, it does the best job of preventing bites.
  • Seal Up Your Home – Windows and doors are common entry points for mosquitoes and other bugs. Make sure all your screens and doors are flush-mounted and in good working order.

Call McCall Today for Advanced Mosquito Remediation

If you’re concerned about mosquitoes and mosquito-borne viruses, we get it. Here at McCall, our mosquito remediation services are the number-one way you can protect yourself on your own property – as fewer mosquitoes means fewer bites. If you’re dealing with swarms of mosquitoes near you, feel free to get in touch with our team of certified pest specialists today! When you need to get ’em all, it’s time to call McCall.


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