McCall Service Honors Teammates Across Florida for Their Exceptional Service

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We are continuing to honor teammates throughout 2023 who have been exceptional for our customers and community. When we consider our 5 Core Values of “Own It”, “Aspire to be Exceptional”, “Customer First, Team Always”, “Do What is Right”, and “Future Focused” we are reminded of our standout teammates. We are thankful to the teammates last month who have set high standards for all of us to follow.

#5: Future Focused! Steve Murray| Jacksonville

Hurricane Idalia affected many of our Tampa homeowners recently, and Steve embraced the hurricane as an opportunity to serve those in need. Refusing to stop at cleaning up, Steve set up Tampa for future success. He gave added time to lawns, warehouses, and homes to boost morale. Steve’s love of growth has rallied and supported the whole Tampa area.

#3: Customer First, Team Always! Sabrina Crowder | Jacksonville West

When Steve and Sabrina took 3 days to care for our Tampa Service Center, we witnessed Sabrina’s high level of care for our community. She continued to provide passion and support for her Jacksonville neighbors in their time of need. The families of our team members and our customers become a little bit closer because of Sabrina’s acts of kindness.

#2: Aspire to be Exceptional! Charlie Fine | Jacksonville West

Charlie’s return to the McCall family has continued to make a difference for Jacksonville. His humor and positivity promote excellence both internally and externally. Teammates are able to find more personal energy for each day with Charlie around. With Charlie driving us forward, customers are treated to the highest level of care we can deliver.

August is always an unpredictable chapter in our lives with hurricanes and the return to school. We are touched by our customers’ support, and more importantly we want to make sure we are supporting you. If you have stories or thanks for exceptional teammates like these, feel free to call or text us at (888) 409-0938.



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