McCall Service Awards Teammates Building Relationships, In and Out of the Office

Lewquan Burnett and Stacey Fowler are experts at growing from feedback. Whether from a teammate or a customer, Lewquan and Stacey help their teams learn how to better support the McCall community. We are honored to present these teammates to our friends and neighbors as award winners for September’s Core Value Awards.

#2: Aspire to be Exceptional! | Stacey Fowler | Jacksonville West

Stacey is a great listener! On top of adapting to team concerns, Stacey makes each service professional’s job easier by setting the team up to win. From memorizing routes to encouraging her coworkers, Stacey approaches each moment with purpose.

#4: Do What is Right! | Lewquan Burnett| Ocala

Lewquan approaches each work day with positivity and openness. Lewquan builds relationships within the McCall Family by actively putting the feedback he receives into action. Lewquan’s attitude of humility encourages the team to create more smiles every time they serve a customer.

We are honored to protect you and your home or business. Like our teammates this month, we look forward to developing deeper connections with you. If there are stories you have of teammates like these, feel free to call or text us at (866) 465-0765.



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