McCall Service Awards Standout Teammate for Leadership in July

Our growth this past summer brought us more teammates and customers. We love sharing our McCall core values in our neighborhoods, businesses, and anywhere in between. In July, we watched as many teammates celebrated wins with customers, but one teammate’s leadership stood out above the rest.

#3: Customer First, Team Always! | Jerry Hall | Jacksonville

Jerry’s remarkable customer service helped him bring on an important local contract. He made the customer feel supported, and he used the sale as a training opportunity. While listening to customer concerns, he develops teammates by reinforcing McCall’s standards for exceptionalism and safety. We are proud to have Jerry champion The McCall Way.

Thank you for opening your homes and lives to people like Jerry and the team he mentors. Our communities are positively impacted each and every day because of the partnership between our incredible teammates and our generous customers. If you have stories or appreciation for exceptional teammates like these, feel free to call or text us at (866) 465-0765.



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