Keeping The Outdoors Out: How Insulation Leads To A Snug Home

worker installing insulation

Most every home in Newberry, FL has some type of insulating barrier behind the walls or up in the attic. It serves as an insulator between the inside and the outside, keeping the cool air indoors where it belongs. Some homes may lack proper insulation or need to have it replaced. McCall Service has a few reasons why it’s good to have a proper shield in your home, especially in the Sunshine State.

3 Benefits to Insulating Your Home

It Acts As a Pest Control Barrier

Not every insulating barrier keeps pests out of your home. Thermal Acoustical Pest Control, or TAP for short, is a type of insulating shield that keeps the indoor air comfortable while also protecting against various pest insects. Insulating materials break down over time, allowing bugs to enter your home. Some pests also build nests in the material. Having the right type of insulating barrier goes a long way in keeping out pest insects and rodents.

It Keeps the Elements Outside

The weather in Newberry can change from sunny to stormy in a matter of minutes. The heat is also an issue in Florida, where it can reach the upper 90’s and stay there for months. Having an insulating barrier keeps the hot air outside and prevents the humidity from building up in the attic space.

It Reduces Energy Costs

Insulating your home is one of the best ways to reduce your power bill. Not only does it keep the hot air outdoors, but  it also seals the cool air inside, keeping every room nice and cozy. Most of the energy is lost through small cracks and crevices in the attic. Adding an insulating barrier prevents leaks and puts a stop to skyrocketing utility bills.

Insulation: A Good Form of Pest Control

With the right insulation, you can save money, prevent pest infestations, and more. Contact McCall Service to learn more information about our pest elimination services in Newberry, FL. If pests have infiltrated your home, our trained specialists can identify the cause, eradicate the threat and create a plan of action to keep out unwanted pests throughout the year.

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