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With an average of 2,800 hours of sunshine annually, mild winters, and warm summers, Gainesville, FL, is a pleasant place to live, work, and advance your education – whether you’re a student at the University of Florida or simply stopping by the Florida Museum of Natural History. And, like other Florida communities, it’s a hotbed for pest activity: Roaches, spiders, scorpions, and a whole slew of insects and rodents all call the city home.

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Luckily, McCall Service is a local pest control company that is equipped to provide Gainesville residents with customized pest control services to keep their homes free of common pests. You can depend on our pest control experts to eliminate problems that are pestering your family or posing health risks.

Home Pest Control

If you have pests trying to make themselves at home, we make certain to tailor treatments to meet the various needs of every homeowner. Unfortunately, pest infestations are often an ongoing battle, which is why McCall offers monthly or year-round residential pest control services. Multiple programs and bundled options ensure that the solution you choose has been customized to address your specific issues, including:

In addition, add-on services ensure invasive pests like fleas, carpenter ants, and carpenter bees stay away from your home.

Commercial Pest Services

Businesses and organizations all across Gainesville depend on us to keep their premises free of pests. A pest infestation isn’t just dangerous to your brand; in many cases, damaging and harmful pests can get your employees or customers sick and wreak havoc to your supplies. Whether you run a restaurant or own real estate, we can help keep these nasty invaders from making a home in your facilities with custom pest solutions that take your needs into account.

Lawn Care Services

Keeping your grass looking lively can feel like a struggle in Florida’s humid climate – but with our services, the grass really is greener on the other side. With McCall Service’s comprehensive lawn care plans, we’re committed to ensuring your lawn stays lush and healthy all season long. We can help you with fertilization, treatments for pests, and keeping invasive weeds from creeping up on your grass.

Bundle Today and Save

Whether it’s comprehensive pest control for your business or home, lawn care, or other services like wildlife removal and termite treatment, McCall does it all! Contact us now to schedule your inspection and learn how you can bundle lawn and pest services for maximum savings.

Seasonal Alerts: These Pests Are Active Now

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