How to Locate a Yellow Jacket Nest on Your Florida Property

A yellow jacket on a piece of wood.

It’s a beautiful late summer day, and you have your heart set on taking care of some yard work. As you reach down to start the mower, you notice a small hole in the dirt. Though you only see a couple of its inhabitants on the surface, you know what you’ve stumbled upon; it’s a nest of yellow jackets. You also know these pests can create a variety of problems for your family, from painful stings to dangerous allergic reactions.

Identifiable by their stark, yellow-and-black striped abdomen, this wasp has built a reputation of being aggressive stinging pests. That’s why you need reliable pest control professionals to protect your family and summer fun.

Looking for yellow jacket pest solutions in Florida? Talk to McCall Service’s team! We’ll identify their nests and offer professional pest control recommendations. Discover more about where to look for yellow jackets below, or contact our team today.

Where Do Yellow Jackets Build Their Nest? 

Yellow jackets build their nests where they won’t be easily disturbed by predators or wind. Common places include inside abandoned nests or dens, in piles of wood, under eaves, or hidden within sheds and attics. The most common place for yellow jackets to nest is underground, such as in an old gopher hole.

You can identify a yellow jacket nest by its papery, cone-like shape. If you notice a surplus of yellow jackets moving to and from an area, you’ve likely located a nest, or a food source that you can use to direct a pest control professional to the yellow jackets.

Send Yellow Jackets Packing with McCall Service

From keeping your loved ones from being stung to stepping on an underground nest, dealing with a yellow jacket nest around your Florida home can be a stressful experience. It’s like a buzzing, angry bomb is waiting to go off. Fortunately, you aren’t in this alone. McCall Service’s team has cultivated the skills, knowledge, and equipment required to ensure thorough removal of your yellow jacket infestation.

If you are sick of getting stung, give McCall a call. Get back to enjoying your backyard when you choose our team of pest professionals today!



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