Do-It-Yourself Wildlife Control for Homeowners

Dealing with wildlife can seem like an impossible task as they can invade our attics, basements, sheds,
and more. Once these creatures get inside, they can cause extreme damage such as contamination,
damaged insulation, chewed wires, and more. To prevent wildlife from destroying your property,
homeowners should look to place preventative measures around and inside their homes. Check out our
top do-it-yourself wildlife control tips.

Repel Wildlife

Repelling animals away is a great and natural way to deter them away from your property. Most wildlife
animals repel because of certain plants or vegetables planted, including daffodils and garlic plants.
Likewise, marigolds will often keep moles from destroying your beautiful lawn. While these plants are a
great addition to your home, their taste and smell will keep wildlife away! You can also utilize other
substances in your yard to deter wildlife, such as hot pepper extract, predator urine, cayenne pepper,
and coffee grounds.

Scare Them Away

Sometimes, you can scare certain wildlife away from your yard. Some scare tactics that prove to scare
birds, squirrels, and raccoons away include noisemakers, motion-activated sprinklers or lights,
pinwheels, and scarecrows. These repellents can help for a time as sometimes the creatures could get
used to them if they are placed for a long period. Consider moving these objects around your yard after
a month or two to help.

Keep Your Yard Clean

One of the best ways to avoid wildlife infestations is to keep your yard well-maintained and clean. These
creatures are looking for places to hide and make their home. If they can’t find a good hiding place, they
tend to stay away from that area. If you have any wood piles, brush, or overgrown shrubbery, look to
remove them as soon as possible. Open spaces and well-kept lawns will usually discourage wildlife
creatures from sticking around.

Call a Professional

Placing these preventative measures is always helpful, but sometimes it’s best to call a professional for
extra help. If you suspect you have a wildlife problem or are looking for extra protection, consider
reaching out to your local wildlife control company. These professionals will identify the animal, provide
the best removal plan, and recommend exclusion methods for your home.

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