Do I Need to Call Pest Control for Ants?

swarm of ants

Ants – they’re everywhere. It’s the kind of pest that will sneak up on and surround you all at once. These crawling, biting insects want inside your home and won’t take no for an answer. Do you need professional ant control to deal with them, or will do-it-yourself treatments be enough? McCall Service in Newberry, FL, has a few reasons why DIY methods only solve the symptoms, not the problem.

3 Reasons to Have Professional Ant Control

Once they get going, they won’t stop.

Ant colonies are like an army of terminators: They keep coming back. All it takes is for one ant to find food or water in your home. It will then lead other members to the source by using invisible pheromone trails. Some homeowners use ingredients in their cabinets to kill the insects, such as vinegar and essential oils, but these homemade concoctions don’t target the colony. A professional has the knowledge and the treatments to eliminate the colony at the source, preventing any further infestations.

Different species require different treatments.

Not all ant species are the same. Some prefer to eat sugary snacks while others are carnivorous. They come in all shapes and sizes and have different habits and diets. You wouldn’t want to treat a carpenter ant infestation the same way that you would an odorous house ant infestation. Professional pest control technicians can easily identify the species and apply the appropriate treatments to eliminate the colony successfully the first time.

Misidentification can turn costly down the road.

If you can’t identify the correct ant species, how do you know which treatments to use? Even worse, what if you’re treating an ant infestation but it’s an entirely different insect altogether? Some termites look a lot like different ant species but cause way more costly problems for your home. Before you attempt to kill the insects yourself, let a professional come in and take a look. It might save you a lot of money in the end.

McCall Service: Serious Pest Control for Ants

DIY methods only prolong an inevitable ant invasion in your home. Once these pests find ample food and water, it’ll take more than over-the-counter products to kick them outside where they belong. Contact McCall Service in Newberry, FL, for more information about our pest control services and to schedule an inspection with our experienced technicians. We’ll eliminate the pests on contact and provide a customized plan to keep an ant infestation from coming back.



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