Common Termite Treatment Options in Daytona Beach

common termite treatment

When investing in professional termite treatment and prevention options, there are three common termite treatment types that every homeowner should know. Let’s go over these options to see which one works best for your Daytona Beach property!

Bait Stations

Bait systems start protecting your home the moment they are installed. The stations are placed around the perimeter of your home and contain termiticide bait products. Termites are drawn to this bait as they prefer it over wood and will consume it. The termite will then bring it back to the colony and spread the bait to others, effectively eliminating the entire colony.

Tent Treatments

When drywood termites are involved, a tent treatment is one of the ways to handle them. With tent fumigation, a tarp is placed over your home and overall structure to allow for the fumigation gas to go to work. Once the “tent” is removed, your home is termite-free without any remaining fumigant or residual. This treatment does require that the structure be completely vacated for several days, and a strict preparation list must be followed. This is a specialized service; our highly trained Fumigation professionals will walk you through the entire process to ensure safe completion and reentry.

No-Tent Treatment

This innovative drywood termite solution is perfect for structures that can’t be completely vacated. A trained professional will locally treat the affected areas by applying product directly to the source and other conducive areas within the structure to kill and prevent the damaging insects. No-Tent treatments use a product that leaves a residual behind, offering you protection from the product after the treatment.

If you want to protect your Daytona Beach home from termites, a termite treatment plan could be the best option for you. Contact your local termite control company to receive a customized treatment plan perfect for your property.

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