Drywood Termite Protection

Florida is home to a variety of termite species – all with devasting consequences to an unprotected property! For Drywood termites, McCall offers two specialized services to bring your family peace of mind and control the termites that have infested.

If you’re experiencing termite issues or even have a hesitation on what pest you’re experiencing, give the McCall team a call. Your inspection is free! 

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McCall’s Drywood Termite Options

No-Tent Treatment

No-Tent Treatments are an innovative McCall solution for drywood termites. No-tent treatments are good for structures that cannot be easily vacated, a requirement for Tent Fumigations. With McCall’s No-Tent Treatment, we will locally treat the affected areas by applying product directly to the source and other conducive areas within the structure to kill and prevent the damaging insects.

No-Tent Treatments use a product that leaves a residual behind, offering you protection from the product after the treatment. It is often necessary to complete multiple treatments to completely control termites through a no-tent treatment.

Tent Fumigation

Tent Fumigation is a good choice for those that want to fully eradicate the drywood termite issue. With Tent Fumigation, a tarp is placed over your home and overall structure to allow for the fumigation gas to go to work. Once the “tent” is removed, your home is termite-free without any remaining fumigant or residual.

Tent Fumigation does require that the structure be completely vacated for several days and a strict preparation list must be followed. This is a specialized service; our highly trained Fumigation professionals will walk you through the entire process to ensure a safe completion and reentry.

What Option Is Best For You?

For drywood termites, you have options! Check out our list of Pros and Cons for both service and give the McCall team a call to discuss what treatment option would be right for you and your property. 

No Tent Treatment


Leaves a residual product behind to control potential drywood termite infestations
Budget-Friendly Option

Does not require the property to be vacated


May require multiple service visits


Is not as quick of an option as tent fumigation


Tent Fumigation


Completely kills all active drywood termites, leaving a termite-free property at the time of treatment

Quick, effective termite elimination treatment



Does not leave any residual product, making your product susceptible to a termite infestation (We recommend receiving and renewing an annual termite warranty!)

Requires the property to be completely vacated

What are Drywood Termites?

Drywood termites are one type of damaging termite that can infest homes and businesses. They nest within wood, making their infestation and devastation not always known to the naked eye! In your home, they are known to infest attics, where temperatures can rise well above 110 degrees F. Others areas these termites can infest include flooring, door and window frames, soffit boots, and many types of furniture.

While their colony development is slow, their damage can be substantial if multiple colonies present. If you suspect a termite issue in your home or business, reach out to your local McCall Service team for a free inspection and better peace of mind in the structure of your property. 

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