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01 / 16 / 20

Birds in the 'Burbs: Suburban Pests in Florida

When you think of pests, birds don’t usually come to mind. But these suburban pests can be disruptive and annoying. Here’s how to avoid them.

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09 / 12 / 19

How to Make Your Home As Uninviting to Rodents As Possible

The key to keeping rodents like rats and mice out of your home is to remove possible pest pressures. At McCall Service, we can help you do just that!

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02 / 14 / 19
Birds building a nest

Preventing Pests That Peck At Your Home Or Business

Florida is home to many species of birds. Some of them are pleasant. Others, like these three pests, are total nuisances around the home.

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11 / 16 / 16
common spider found in tallahassee

Most Common Spiders In Tallahassee

When you live in Tallahassee, you are most likely all too familiar with spiders. They can be a year-round nuisance to homeowners and a potential threat to your family when they get a little too close for comfort. Truly, most spiders would rather go about their own business and let you do the same. That is little relief to know if you are a homeowner with a basement full of them. That fear of spiders is very real for a lot of us. Here are a few common varieties of spiders found in our area.

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