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04 / 08 / 20

Healthy Habits: Avoiding Springtime Pests

As spring and summer approach, so do common pest problems. Stay safe around the home with these tips.

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01 / 10 / 19
Cockroach as big as the head of a razor

Common Florida Cockroaches: Which Palmetto Bug Is Bugging You?

Cockroaches may all seem alike, but there are multiple species that could be troubling you. Check out our guide to identify which one is the problem.

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10 / 11 / 18
Cockroaches eating cheese

Why Cockroaches Are Experts At Spreading Germs

Cockroaches are hard to combat, spreading more and more diseases the longer they linger. Find out the characteristics that make them a big health threat.

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05 / 31 / 18
Coming Soon

Learn The Differences Between American And German Cockroaches

Learning about roaches is the best start in eliminating them from your home or business. McCall Service shares important knowledge about how American and German cockroaches differ.

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