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11 / 15 / 19

Do I Need to Worry About Bed Bugs On Thanksgiving Break?

Thanksgiving break is a great time to relax and be with family. But bed bugs can ruin the fun. Here’s how to avoid them this thanksgiving.

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11 / 18 / 16
bed bug up close on a bed in ocala

Avoiding Bed Bugs While Traveling This Holiday Season

If you are traveling for the holidays you may be thinking of all the plans you must make to get there. That may not seem so peaceful to you. You will need to know how you are traveling, buy tickets, or plan your route. You may need to make overnight accommodations with family and friends or at a hotel or inn. You must also manage your schedule, decide what type of wardrobe is needed, and figure out how you will pack everything.

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06 / 03 / 16
mccall pest technician inspecting for bed bugs

What Are My Treatment Options For Bed Bugs?

If you have found bed bugs in your home, the first question you're going to ask is, "What options do I have to get rid of bed bugs?" We get it. Bed bugs have a psychological impact when they are found; but don't worry.

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03 / 23 / 16
bed bug after meal

Bed Bug Treatment Options

There isn't a bug or wild animal in Tallahassee that doesn't thrive. The temperate climate here is ideal for living, breeding, and spreading. And, even though bed bugs are a pest that lives almost entirely inside, the sustained warm weather and hot summers here in Tallahassee still have an effect, especially in homes that have inadequate climate control. When it gets hot, these blood eaters reproduce at an alarming rate. And, since bed bugs need a blood meal to breed, hot temperatures can mean misery for anyone who has these bugs in their home. But don't let those disturbing little bugs drive you to make a bad decision.

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