Buzzing Bees: Good. Harassing Hornets: Bad.

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Bees are a vital part of the food chain, help flowers and vegetables to thrive, and create delicious honey. Wasps don’t do any of those things. Their primary purpose in life seems to be to annoy (and harm) you and your family. If you’re dealing with a wasp—or other stinging insect problem—the best remedy is professional pest control treatment from McCall Service. Let’s look at signs of a wasp problem in Florida and some ways to help tackle it.

How Do I Know I Have Wasps?

Two of the questions we hear often are:

  • “Are bees and wasps dangerous?”
  • “How do I know I have wasps?”

One reason people ask these questions when they’ve seen the insects is that they may have allergic reactions to their stings. If wasps are building a nest where children play, they can pose a serious threat to their safety.

Even if you’re not allergic to the venom in a wasp’s sting, it’s still important to give them a wide berth because unlike bees, their stingers do not detach in the skin. This allows them to sting multiple times in rapid succession, which can be extremely painful—especially if they get caught in hair or in clothing.

One important way to tell a difference between bees and other stinging insects is to look at their coloring. Wasps are normally brownish in color with yellow banding, but some wasps may have red banding. They have long legs that hang as they fly, and they build paper nests with open combs on the ceilings of patios and other areas.

So how do you safely remove a wasp problem from your home or business? Let’s look at the basic steps you can take.

3 Ways to Get Rid of Wasps

Use a Natural Repellent

Spraying an area with water and vinegar may repel wasps and bees, but there are some major drawbacks. If salt is added to the mixture and sprayed directly on the wasps, it can kill them. This is really only effective at close range, which puts you in proximity to the insects (and risks angering them enough to chase after you).

Set up a Decoy Nest

Wasps are territorial insects, so hanging a wasp nest decoy may deter them from building their own nest in the area. Scout wasps will fly in and check for other wasps around patios and eaves. If they already see a nest there, they will leave and find somewhere else to build their nest.

Eliminate the Wasp Nest

If you want the wasps to go away permanently, you have to get rid of the nest. Spraying the wasps while they’re on the nest will kill the insects while also infecting their home, preventing other wasps from returning. Getting close to a wasp nest is very dangerous, however, so talk to a pest control professional first. In many cases, they have special gear and equipment that can help them safely approach the nest and spray it from a distance. They can also identify other potential areas of interest and prevent future infestations.

McCall Service: Professional Wasp Control

Whether you have a bee’s nest in your back yard or wasps buzzing around your front porch, calling the pest professionals at McCall Service is the best way to tackle this common Florida pest problem. Our team of experts have the right combination of equipment, experience, and knowledge to help remove a wasp or bee problem from your home. To get started, call us today to schedule your pest control appointment.

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