Attic Insulation: Is It Worth It?

attic insulation

Did you know that your attic can have a major impact on the rest of your house? It’s true! Attic insulation can provide a comfortable temperature for your home, savings on energy bills, and even pest control! Learn more about the benefits of attic insulation for your home.

How does Attic Insulation Work?

During the winter months, your home’s heat flows from your living areas to unheated areas, such as your attic, and your HVAC system has to replace the heat that is lost. As for the summer months, the heat will come from outside, causing your air conditioner to work overtime to remove the heat. Both factors can cause issues, including costly repairs, high utility bills, and inconsistent temperatures. Attic insulation looks to create resistance to the heat flow and create consistent temperatures year-round.

What Are the Benefits?

When attic insulation is installed, you’ll experience several benefits, including:

  • Consistent Temperatures: The fibers in insulation are dense enough to prevent airflow but light enough that they can trap heat, creating consistent temperatures in your home throughout the year.
  • Pest Control: Insulation fibers are treated with borate, which can stick to pests, such as ants or roaches if they crawl through the insulation, and if ingested it disrupts the pest’s digestive system and causes it to starve.
  • Less Sound: Insulation has air pockets in its fibers, helping to decrease the amount of sound that flows through the ceiling, reducing the noises heard from outside your home.
  • Savings: Attic insulation allows your HVAC system to run more efficiently, allowing you to save up to 30% on your annual energy bills!

Interested in Attic Insulation?

When you invest in attic insulation, you’ll not only save money in the long run, but will continue to keep your home comfortable year-round! Call McCall to learn more about our Attic Insulation Services. Our team of professionals will set you up with an inspection and customized plan.

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