Are You Ready for Ant Season?

Ants feeding on crumbs around a microwave.

Warmer weather brings with it baseball, beach days, and barbecues. But warmer weather also brings along something else that is much less fun: ant season. Ants in Florida are pro scavengers who are more than happy to invade your property in search of food.

So, the question is: are you ready for ant season? At McCall Service, our pest control professionals are experts at addressing ant armies for our clients. Here’s some information you need to know.

Can An Ants Bite Be Lethal?

Most ants are not dangerous and do not pose direct threats to humans. Ants do have mandibles and can bite you. But as long as you are sure to wash and clean bites, you can mitigate the possibility of irritation or infection.

However, there are a few ants that are indeed dangerous. The most common dangerous ant in the southeast is the red imported fire ant. Native to South America, these ants come in a variety of shades of rust and copper. They get their name not only from their color, but from the pain resulting from being stung. Fire ant venom is painful and results in a white pustule at the site of injection.

Each fire ant can sting multiple times, and chances are high that if one stings you, a swarm is not far behind. Allergic reactions to fire ant stings are the greatest risk, and can be potentially lethal. If you’ve been previously stung by fire ants, you’re at a higher risk of allergic reaction. If you are experiencing difficulty breathing, nausea, or dizziness, contact a doctor.

How to Prevent Ants from Coming In Your House

Ants are small creatures that can crawl up walls and carry things many times their weight. And while seeing a line of ants carrying scraps of food from your home can be a fascinating sight, it’s not a sight you want to see. There are three main ways you can prevent ants from coming in your house:

  • Exclusion—Since ants come from anthills outside, making it harder or impossible to enter your home should be your first step. Caulk windows, seal cracks, and realign doors.
  • Cleanliness—Ants are always in search of food, so limit ant interest in your home by making sure all food, even the scraps and crumbs, is put away or thrown away.
  • Use bait—Store bought ant baits can be effective. Place them where you have seen ants and/or near the ant nest.

Ant Control Near You

Depending on the type of ant you may have infesting your home, traditional measures of ant control and ant prevention may not cut it. At McCall Service, our technicians are experts at removing ants and making sure they don’t come back afterwards. We provide pest control services in Florida, and we’re standing by ready to help. Contact us today for a free quote.

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