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05 / 11 / 20

Keep Fido Flea-Freeā€”For Your Sake!

Keeping your pets free of fleas isn’t just something you do for their health, but to keep your family from itching as well.

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04 / 27 / 20

Mosquito Prevention Tips for Spring and Summer

Mosquitoes are a spring and summer nuisance that isn’t just painful. Learn how to protect yourself from mosquitoes and the diseases they can carry with these tips from McCall Service.

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04 / 12 / 20

Flies Aren't Fun: Ways to Keep Flies Out of the House

Whether you’re outside grilling on the patio or trying to relax and read a book, learn how to keep flies from buzzing around.

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04 / 08 / 20

Healthy Habits: Avoiding Springtime Pests

As spring and summer approach, so do common pest problems. Stay safe around the home with these tips.

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03 / 27 / 20

The Most Common Lawn Pests You Never See in Florida

Lawn pests are tricky because they are often silent, invisible killers of your lawn. Here are some of the common Florida lawn pests you often never see.

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