What You Can Do About Mosquitoes’ Speedy Reproduction Cycle

blood sucking mosquito

As mosquito season ramps up in Ocala, FL, it’s time to take preventative measures to keep an infestation out of your yard. Mosquitos require water for breeding and can quickly turn into a massive problem in no time, especially in humid, subtropical climates where water is quite abundant. McCall Service has the top three ways to keep these disease-carrying pests from ruining your outdoor fun this summer season.

Here are 3 Ways to Prevent Mosquitoes

Refill Your Pet’s Water Bowl

A female mosquito stays on the lookout for stagnant water within a certain area in which she was born. Once she finds it, she lays her eggs in the water and flies away. It only needs to be an inch of water for the larvae to grow and to mature into blood-sucking adults. If you leave your pet’s water bowl outside, consider refilling it with fresh water every day. It not only prevents an infestation; it’s also good for your pet.

Pick Up the Clutter

Clutter gives pests a place in which to hide and to breed. Items such as old tires, empty cups and other debris collect water, making them the perfect breeding grounds for a female mosquito. Inspect your property for clutter and dispose of it properly. You’ll benefit from a clean yard and also fewer pests as well.

Minimize Standing Water

Birdbaths are an attractive water feature for any backyard. Unfortunately, they’re known for increasing the mosquito population throughout neighborhoods. If you insist on keeping the birdbath filled, make sure to check it frequently for wiggly mosquito larvae. Dumping out the water and refilling it with fresh water every two or three days goes a long way in keeping these invasive pests from taking over your property.

Professional Mosquito Pest Control in Ocala

Don’t let mosquitos keep you indoors for the entire summer. Contact McCall Service to receive a quote on our pest control services. These nuisance pests make life miserable for everyone in Ocala, FL, each year and remain active for months on end. They not only cause itchy welts but can also infect people with nasty viruses. Our technicians will eliminate the infestation and take preventative measures to keep these pests off your property for good.

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