What To Do When House Flies Make A Habitat In Your Home

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We’ve all found ourselves chasing around a stray fly that managed to sneak in at one point or another. But when a single fly turns into many, the pests pose a number of health risks. They spread food poisoning, as well as diseases ranging from tuberculosis and cholera to typhoid and dysentery. The female fly also reproduces quickly, laying up to 100 eggs five or six times. The eggs hatch in a day or less in the warm climate of Gainesville, FL. It’s easy to see why fly control is a must for any household.

What Attracts Them?

These bugs are drawn to the warm waves of air coming from your home when it’s cool outside. They crave a temperature of 83 degrees Fahrenheit, so when the weather gets too hot in Gainesville, FL, they’re likely to head indoors as well. Unfortunately, they’re also attracted to food, especially of the rotting variety, and pet food or waste.

How Do They Get In?

These insects find their way in via open doors and windows, bare vents, or torn screens. Gaps and cracks around windows and doors provide easy entry for flies, as does damaged or worn weather stripping at entrances.

What Can I Do? 

The first order of business is to find and remove the breeding site or clean it well. The site is usually found outside but can be in any damp, warm substance that provides food for larvae. Make your home less attractive by cleaning up spills, pet waste, and other messes immediately. Take out the trash regularly, placing it in well-sealed containers. Store food in airtight canisters or in the refrigerator. Add or repair screens where needed, place mesh screens over weep holes, and caulk gaps around your home’s exterior and entryways. While fly paper isn’t very attractive, it does offer some degree of fly control in your home.

Fly Control from McCall’s Experts

The fly is a filthy pest creating nuisances in homes and businesses everywhere. While you may be able to swat away a random fly or two, an infestation is an entirely different matter. Don’t let these disease-spreading insects take over your home. Stay healthy and comfortable with help from safe, effective fly control. McCall Service is a family-owned company offering the most eco-friendly solutions for each situation. Contact us today to banish flies from your property, whether in Gainesville, FL or another Florida community.


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