What Do Swarming Termites Mean?

A cluster of flying termites

Swarming termites, also known as alates, are often seen in the spring and summer. While swarming termites don’t bite, sting, or chew wood, they indicate an established termite colony nearby. A termite colony can be very problematic for your home and family.

Termites are known to cause severe damage and destruction to your home, often going undetected. Check out what you need to know about swarming termites and how you can prevent them. 

When is Swarming Season?

Depending on the type of termite, the swarming season can vary. In Florida, subterranean termites will swarm during the spring and early summer months. Drywood termites will swarm in late spring to the end of summer. Weather will also determine when these pests swarm. Most termite species are out after a rainstorm or when the weather is overcast.

Why Do Termites Swarm? 

Termites swarm for two reasons, to reproduce and expand their colony. When an original termite colony has reached its capacity, the swarming process begins. The number of termites that swarm depends on the type of termite species and the colony size.  

How Can I Prevent Swarming Termites? 

To prevent swarming termites, you first must prevent termite colonies from establishing. Make sure there are no water sources nearby, including standing water around your home and throughout your property. Inspect your foundation for any loose mortar or bubbling paint to see if termites have infested. One of the best ways to prevent termites is to have a termite control plan. Your local pest control company will inspect and set you up with a termite treatment, including baiting systems to help eliminate entire termite colonies. 

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