What Attracts Mosquitoes to My Backyard?

A close-up photo of a mosquito that has landed on a hand, preparing to begin feeding

Summer is in full swing, which means mosquitoes are on the prowl. If you’re tired of these buzzing pests dive-bombing your cookout and leaving their itchy bites, McCall Service can help. We’ll break down common things that attract mosquitoes to your backyard, such as standing water, outdoor activity, and more.

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Common Mosquito Attractants in Florida

While keeping your home clean and properly sealing your food storage helps prevent ants, cockroaches, and other unpleasant pests, mosquitoes are another story. Mosquitoes can and occasionally do invade homes, but they’re typically a backyard pest.

So what attracts mosquitoes, and what can you do to keep them away? We’re glad you asked. Common things that can attract mosquitoes include:

  • Sweat
  • Certain blood types
  • Strong fragrances like perfumes
  • Body temperature
  • Standing water
  • Shade

Curious about why mosquitoes are attracted to the things we’ve listed above? We’ll break down the most prevalent attractants and how to deal with them when you head outside.

Mosquitoes and the Human Body

The human body is essentially a walking buffet for mosquitoes. These winged pests need blood to survive, and humans have plenty of it. While mosquitoes are happy to bite into any unsuspecting person they land on, they do have a preference! If you have O-type blood, research indicates that mosquitoes are more likely to bite you than your friend with A-type or B-type blood.

Before you rush out to take a blood test to confirm your mosquito-filled fate, keep in mind there are far more common factors involved, such as sweat, exercise, fragrances, and clothing. All these factors contribute far more to your chances of being bitten by a mosquito.

If you plan to spend extended periods of time outdoor, make sure to do the following to limit your risk of mosquito bites:

  • Wear light-colored clothing (dark clothing attracts mosquitoes)
  • Skip spraying on perfume or cologne, which draws pests
  • Exercise lightly to reduce how much sweat and carbon dioxide you produce. The harder you exercise, the harder you breathe and the more sweat you produce.
  • Stay cool with cold compresses and water. The higher your body temperature, the more of a target you are for mosquitoes.

Standing Water and Mosquitoes

You may love drawing birds to your yard with a bird bath, but they aren’t the only creatures you’re attracting to your backyard. Adult female mosquitoes lay their eggs in any standing water they can find. From excess water in your plate stands to uncovered rain barrels, any exposed standing water is fair game for these pests.

Once mosquitoes lay eggs in standing water, their young will gradually develop into larvae that float just below the surface. In as little as five days, the floating larvae gain the ability to swim. Within 48 to 72 hours, the pupa will grow wings and become fully formed adult mosquitoes.

Because mosquitoes reproduce and develop so quickly, pouring out any standing water is crucial. Dump out buckets or outdoor toys after a rainstorm to keep them dry, and consider getting rid of your bird bath.

If you have a pond or other permanent water source in your yard, McCall Service can protect them with the In2Care system! This revolutionary mosquito reduction treatment draws and contaminates adult female mosquitoes. Learn how our system works and request a free quote today.

Mosquitoes Thrive in the Shade

You aren’t the only one who enjoys the shade. Mosquitoes need humidity to survive, and in the dead of summer, the shade that bushes and trees provide is perfect. If you plan to have a backyard barbecue, create your own shade with umbrellas or a shelter instead of setting up under a tree. Your guests will thank you for not including mosquito bites in the festivities!

Send Mosquitoes Packing With McCall Service

At the end of the day, no matter how prepared you may be for mosquitoes, they’re a fact of life in a warm, humid state like Florida. Fortunately, you don’t have to accept mosquitoes’ presence in your backyard. When you’re ready to ban mosquitoes, McCall Service can help. We offer monthly mosquito treatment between March and November for both breeding areas and adult mosquitoes.

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