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Posts with the tag: "subterranean termites"

06 / 23 / 17
subterranean termites found in ground near ocala home

Termite Problems Can Happen in Ocala

We all know that termites are a terrible problem in Florida. Just take a look in the paper or watch the news, and you will see the reports about termite damage or hear about a neighbor or a friend that is dealing with a termite infestation the resulting damage. Don’t convince yourself that it can never happen to you! We are all at risk for a termite infestation. What really matters right now is how to prevent an infestation or what you will do if you start to see their warning signs.

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05 / 25 / 17
termite infested wood

Termites Are Always Active In Gainesville

With a population of over 100,000, Gainesville is one of the most popular cities in Florida for newcomers to lay down some roots. This region offers many opportunities for people looking for year-round entertainment and opportunities without much change from season to season. Each day of the year, the people who live here are out and about going to work, jogging, shopping, or just meeting friends for dinner. People get so caught up in their lives they often forget that it is not just the people who live here that enjoy the year-round tropical climate.

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02 / 17 / 17
subterranean termites in ground

Best Termite Treatment Options In Gainesville, FL

Termites are a terrible problem in Gainesville. One of the biggest problems with termites is that they are sneaky. You won’t know they are there until after they have started to eat away at the structure of your home. Another problem is the tremendous amount of damage they can do to your home. The cost of termite repair each year is more than that of any natural disaster like fires, hurricanes, and tornadoes put together.

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12 / 22 / 16
termite colony in gainesville

Are Termites Still Active In Gainesville?

Well, that is a very good question! And the answer is, yes, they can be active year-round in your Gainesville home; perhaps even more active during cooler weather because of the comfortable, weather-controlled environment that they find there. Termites can invade your home and damage its structure extensively before you even realize they are there. The reason for this is that the climate in Florida is perfect for termites to thrive allowing them to work, breed, and spread practically unchecked.

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