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03 / 26 / 15
Image of Ants

Spring Pests In Tallahassee

The Northern states with their ice storms and piles of snow really notice when spring arrives. All the pests that hide from the brutal winds and bone-snapping temperatures emerge from their attic spaces and their walls to bring spring misery. This is not the case in Tallahassee. It is rare for pests to hibernate or overwinter in Northern Florida. But that doesn't mean spring isn't an important time of year to fight pests. On the contrary, Florida pests thrive in spring.

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03 / 25 / 13
Spring Cleaning The Kitchen

Spring Cleaning Will Help Prevent Pest Problems In Your Florida Home

Spring is right around the corner and with daylight savings time and an influx of tourists on their April vacations, it’s time for us Floridians to implement the annual task of spring-cleaning. Not only does this help eliminate some clutter that may have accumulated, but it’s also time to get things organized and acquire just a little more space in our full closets and cupboards. But beyond the obvious advantages to a spring clean, there comes another lesser known advantage: spring cleaning is a great preventative measure to keep pests out of your home. The professionals at McCall Service know how useful spring cleaning can be to keep insects and rodents out and would like to offer a few spring cleaning tips to deter ants, roaches and other pests during the spring and summer seasons.

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05 / 04 / 12
mosquito on water in tampa

Common Spring Pest Problems In FL

Although snow birds are making their way out of the Sunshine state, spring is underway here and the insect world is active.  Among the many insects that call Florida home, commonly found during the spring and summer months of the year are mosquitoes, ants, and stinging insects. Unfortunately, each pest comes with a host of their own issues that can make your life difficult if they decide to invade your home.

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