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11 / 14 / 16
silverfish on gray background

Silverfish Love A Good Book

Are you old enough to remember when you used to have to go to a store to have your photos developed? That is, of course, if you weren't lucky enough to have one of those fancy cameras that printed the picture on the spot. Do you remember getting VHS tapes from the video store? Now we watch movies on our phones. Even the movies that play in the theater are almost all digital now. Do you remember listening to music on tape, or even 8-track? Now our music is in the cloud, whatever the heck that is. We do everything with our digital devices. We even read books on them. But silverfish miss the old days when everything was analog. There were a lot more to eat back then.

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07 / 14 / 16

Should I Be Worried About Silverfish In My Home?

If you have silverfish, there are a lot of reasons to want them out of your home. These are some pretty creepy looking bugs, and not a fun insect to see wiggling across the floor of your bathroom. But should you be worried? Are silverfish dangerous? Will they spread illness? Do they bite? The answers to these questions may surprise you--so will the real reason you should be worried. Let's take a look.

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06 / 22 / 16
silverfish up close

Why Do I Have Silverfish In My Home?

If you have silverfish in your home, you may have a moisture problem.

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05 / 23 / 16
silverfish on wooden floor

Silverfish. ‘Tis The Season.

Do you have silverfish inside your Florida home? No, we're not talking about the normal kind that live inside fish tanks and flash silver as they pass by the glowing lights. We're talking about the creepy crawly kind that seems to come out of nowhere and slither in a not-so-normal, fast, fish-like motion; the kind that is absolutely disgusting; and the kind that can make a normally sane person shriek and jump up on a chair. Yup, we're talking about the silverfish that seem to increase in numbers during this time of year. Why does this happen and how can you keep them out? We're glad you asked.

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